Helpful Tip for Helping Children with Homework

Homework can develop into a daily struggle between children and parents. Unfortunately, in many households, homework time consists of nagging and complaining, with little getting accomplished. To help your child successfully navigate homework time, keep these tips in mind.

Make homework time a priority and keep it consistent each day. It is a good idea for parents and children to decide on a time together, to make this work for everyone in the family. All homework should be completed during this time. If your child finishes homework before the time is up, the rest of the period can be allotted for quiet reading time. By doing this, both you and your child know what is expected and can place the appropriate emphasis on completing all the homework, without the distractions of other activities or television.

If your child says that he or she finds the homework assignments too difficult, you should plan on helping out. But it is not a good idea to do most of the problems or assignment. One or two examples should suffice, along with any additional explanations needed. This will not only provide assistance, but will allow your child to learn to complete the work independently.
Be realistic about how much your child can handle in his or her daily life. If the pressures of outside activities, like sports, dance, or music is too much, homework time will become frustrating and unproductive. A child may be too stressed, tired, or overwhelmed to effectively complete the assignments. Take a good look at how much your child can handle and reduce activities if needed.

Evaluate how you approach homework time as well. If you feel stressed or constantly irritated, you may need some outside help. Hiring a tutor to assist your child a few times a week may be all you need to turn things around. This can reduce negative feelings from both the parent and the child and can lead to improvements in completing assignments.

Finally, don't forget to review your child's work. If you simply allow your child to complete each assignment without looking it over, there may be mistakes or concepts that your child hasn't grasped. If you review the work daily, you will be able to see if your child needs more help in any specific areas. Don't correct any mistakes yourself, but use this as an opportunity to review concepts and emphasize good study habits.

Hidden Pointe Apartments in Baton Rouge, Louisiana hopes you keep these tips in mind as you’re preparing your child for the new school year.

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